Amendment to the contract for HP-05 helmets for the Polish Army

 26. 05. 2024      Category: Ground forces

On Tuesday, April 7, 2024, the Armament Agency signed an amendment to the contract from March 8, 2023, with the Protective Equipment Company (PSO) Maskpol from Konieczki, a part of the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ), for the delivery of an additional 10,000 HP-05 (FAST) ballistic helmets.

Picture: Polish soldiers using Maskopol helmets  | MILMAG

In 2024, the Polish Armed Forces will receive an additional 10,000 HP-05 composite helmets. Today, an amendment, worth approximately 20 million PLN, to the March 2023 contract for the supply of protective equipment for the Polish Army was signed at the Armament Agency. The guaranteed order now includes nearly 50,000 HP-05 helmets, announced the Armament Agency on the social media platform X.

Our main goal is to improve the equipment of Polish soldiers. Today, we increased the volume of HP-05 helmet deliveries planned for 2024. Under the amendment signed, the Polish Army will receive an additional 10,000 helmets by the end of the year, wrote Paweł Bejda, the Secretary of State in the Ministry of National Defense, responsible for overseeing the technical modernization of the Polish Army.

Last year’s 155.3 million PLN (ca. 38 million USD) contract covered the delivery of approximately 84,000 composite helmets of both wz. 2005 and HP-05 (FAST) types in 2023-2024. The order also included an option to extend the deliveries until the end of 2025 with an additional 63,000 helmets of both types for an amount of approximately 134.4 million PLN (ca. 33.6 million USD).

The detailed scope of the guaranteed order involved acquiring 52,000 wz. 2005 helmets in 2023-2024 for an approximate amount of 89.5 million PLN (ca. 22.38 million USD) and about 32,000 HP-05 helmets in 2024 for an approximate amount of 65.8 million PLN (ca. 16.45 million USD). Meanwhile, the optional order includes 27,000 wz. 2005 helmets, which can be delivered in 2025 for an approximate amount of 53.5 million PLN (ca. 13.38 million USD), and about 36,000 HP-05 helmets, which can be delivered in 2024-2025 for an approximate amount of 80.9 million PLN (ca. 20.23 million US).

On July 6, 2023, PSO Maskpol announced that it had completed the deliveries of HP-05 helmets based on the contract signed on June 5, 2020. The company fulfilled the deliveries ahead of the schedule specified in the contract. The agreement was for the supply of 50,000 helmets for an equivalent of 93.5 million PLN (ca. 22.5 million USD).

The HP-05 ballistic helmet, featuring a high-cut design (with a high-trimmed side part), is produced entirely at Maskpol. It is designed to protect the user’s head from direct impacts by shrapnel and certain types of small arms projectiles, in accordance with the standards specified by PN-V-87001:2011.

  • Shrapnel proof O3 – V50 parameter above 600 m/s for a 1.1g FSP fragment,
  • Bullet proof K2 – 9 mm x 19 FMJ 8.0g (360±15) m/s, .357 Magnum JSP 10.2g (425±15) m/s.

The HP-05 helmet includes a cushioning pad system, a four-point strap system, an occipital cushion with a BOA adjustment system, side accessory rails, and a mount for night vision goggles. The HP-05 is offered in three head circumference sizes (54-62 cm) and weighs between 1.25 and 1.45 kg.

The HP-05 helmet was introduced into the equipment of the Polish Armed Forces by the Command of the Territorial Defense Forces, which became the manager of new models of composite helmets in the Armed Forces. This was enacted by decision No. 76/MON of April 4, 2017, which amended the decision regarding the definition of manager functions and central logistical bodies for military equipment in the Ministry of National Defense.

 Author: Rafał Muczyński