American humanitarian aid dropped over the Gaza strip

 02. 03. 2024      Category: Air force

In a significant operation on Saturday, the American military dispatched three aircraft to drop the first batch of humanitarian aid over the Gaza Strip, aiming to alleviate the dire conditions faced by the residents of this Palestinian territory. This operation, reported by the Associated Press (AP) and Agence France-Presse (AFP), citing unnamed officials, marks a pivotal moment in international efforts to support Gaza amidst ongoing conflicts.

Picture: C-130 used for air drop with humanitarian aid over the Gaza strip | Shutterstock

The C-130 Hercules aircraft were involved in this critical mission, releasing 66 packages containing a total of 38,000 food portions. This aid drop comes at a crucial time as Gaza grapples with catastrophic conditions due to the Israeli military's continued campaign against Hamas, the terrorist organization controlling the area. The lack of access to clean drinking water, food, and medical supplies has exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in the region.

President Joe Biden had previously mentioned this impending aid on Friday, highlighting the United States' commitment to addressing the urgent needs in Gaza. The situation has reached a critical point where additional international assistance is vital. Already, Jordan, in collaboration with Egypt and France, has initiated similar aid drops, indicating a growing international response to the crisis.

The American initiative is expected to be the first of many, with AP noting that future aid will be coordinated with Jordan. President Biden emphasized the need for substantial increases in aid, particularly food supplies, stating that the current inflow to Gaza is "far from sufficient." His call for "hundreds more trucks" of aid underscores the urgency and scale of the humanitarian needs.

This expansion of humanitarian aid by the U.S. also responds to recent tragic events, including an incident last Thursday where at least a hundred people waiting for aid near Gaza City were killed. Israeli soldiers, involved in the incident, claimed self-defense. The conflict in Gaza has been devastating, with Hamas reporting over 30,000 deaths since last October, without distinguishing between civilians and combatants. This figure contrasts with the Israeli campaign's backdrop, a response to a Palestinian militant attack that killed about 1,200 people and abducted over 200 in border areas.

As the international community watches closely, the American aid drop signifies a vital step toward addressing the immediate needs in Gaza, hoping to pave the way for more substantial and coordinated humanitarian efforts in the region.

 Author: Michal Fencl