Tatra will be presented for the first time at the LAAD Defence & Security fair in Brazil

 29. 03. 2024      Category: Defense exhibitions

Tatra exports its vehicles to various parts of the world to users from a number of different segments. One of the long-standing customers is the Brazilian army, for which Tatra is a strategic partner. In addition, the large Brazilian region is a prospective market, which is why Tatra will present itself for the first time at the LAAD Defence & Security 2024 trade fair in Sao Paulo from April 2 to 4.

The LAAD Defence & Security Fair is the largest and most important defence and security technology fair in Latin America. It is covered by the Brazilian Ministry of Defence, the command of the armed forces there, but also the Ministry of Justice and representatives of the Brazilian security forces. For the first time, the Tatra will also be among the exhibitors, which in the past has already delivered hundreds of vehicles to the Brazilian market, mainly for military use. Tatra also cooperated with a local weapon systems manufacturer, Avibras, which used Tatra chassis for some of its products. The Astros 2020 project, which was created in cooperation between Tatra and this Brazilian company, is a strategic system of the Brazilian army, of which it is proud. The Tatra exhibition will be at stand F20 together with the Excalibur Army company from the Czechoslovak Group.

Picture: Tatra vehicles for the Brazilian army | Tatra Trucks
Picture: Tatra vehicles for the Brazilian army | Tatra Trucks

Tatra will present its portfolio of heavy and medium vehicles intended for military applications. It will primarily be the Tatra Force model series on a proven chassis with a central backbone tube and independently suspended half-axles with different numbers of driven and non-driven wheels. The Force series trucks can be equipped with air-cooled Tatra V8 and V12 engines or liquid-cooled Cummins engines. The offer of the Force series also includes two-door or four-door armoured cabs produced by the Tatra Defence Vehicle company. Tatra Force vehicles serve in a number of armies, including Czech army and Brazilian army, as well as in armed forces in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Tatra will also present vehicles of the Tatra Phoenix model line, which in recent years has been gaining ground in the military sector in addition to the civilian market. An example is the Belgian army, which ordered approximately 900 logistics vehicles of this model line. The Phoenix series is also based on the proven Tatra chassis, while using some components from renowned foreign manufacturers. Armoured cabins for this model line are also supplied by the partner company Tatra Defence Vehicle.

Tatra's portfolio for military applications also includes the model range of Tatra Tactic medium trucks. It uses a traditional chassis platform in the form of a ladder frame with portal axles, which shows excellent driving characteristics both on the road and in difficult terrain. Tatra Tactic series trucks are equipped with liquid-cooled Cummins engines, and their cabins are unified in many areas with the Tatra Force model line.

 Author: Michal Pivoňka