WB Group: PERAD and COMP@N radios: A revolution in Poland’s military communications

 21. 10. 2023      Category: Defense & Security

The Polish Armed Forces will introduce the PERAD and COMP@N broadband and multi-band software-defined personal and vehicle radios as part of a widescale modernization of army communications. Developed by WB Group, the radios will be the first mass-produced devices capable of certified national encryption. The radios will replace all currently used devices.
Military forces effectiveness is determined by quality communication channels that are secure and safe from disruption and unauthorized access. A modern dynamic force must also be free from unnecessary infrastructure to provide a quick and effectual response to enemy actions. The demands from soldiers are also higher than ever due to the ubiquitous presence of smartphone and apps in everyday life. The modern soldier demands the same experience that they enjoy with their smartphone on the battlefield. The PERAD and COMP@N radios, designed by WB Group, offer portability and ease of use allowing for complex tactical missions with devices that fit in the 21st century.

Picture: PERAD | WB Group
Picture: COMP@N | WB Group

The personal PERAD radio is very light-weight and is designed to be carried by an individual soldier. The device was created for the Polish soldier modernization program. The device is fully equipped with national encryption, and is the soldier's most advanced means of broadband communication on the battlefield. PERAD is characterized by low weight and small dimensions. The radio can connect directly to another, or create a self-organizing communication network, connecting several PERADs at once. PERAD is characterized by very low power consumption and intelligent energy management. A low energy footprint makes it difficult for detection by the enemy but also provides class leading battery life. The radio can operate for many days in a stand-by energy saving mode.
Each PERAD radio is an independent node of a wider network. The PERAD is a personal miniaturized base station that supports other nodes by providing retransmission. The innovative technologies that are supported by extensive granted patents enable to obtain unprecedented quality of voice and data transmission. The PERAD radio provides the soldier with the light-weight that has come to be expected from smartphones and tablets, together with a quality of communication present in everyday video conferences and calls. The device is intuitive and easy to use offering an natural ease of function even in times of stress.
The COMP@N programmable radio is a multi-band device operating over longer distances. It allows for the cooperation of different levels of command. COMP@N is a handheld device that can be used in mobile and stationary configurations with a car adapter and power amplifier.
The COMP@N system is characterized by universality, flexibility and ease of use for different tactical situations. COMP@N radios can be used for short-range communication, for simultaneous voice and data transmission, and for cooperation with radio stations or IP networks, while always maintaining simultaneous voice and data transmission.

Picture: PERAD | WB Group
Picture: PERAD | WB Group

COMP@N is designed for different levels of the armed forces. The radio enables communication within the units and cooperation between different types of troops ensuring tactical and strategic flexibility. The radio has an innovative digital processing block, enabling both certified national encryption and specially developed waveforms for each selected type of troops.
Like its PERAD counterpart, the COMP@N radio provides unparalleled end-user experience providing each soldier with the necessary communication to execute multiple mission types. Both radios are software defined which provides the ability to easily set functions and waveform for communication. The radios provide the ability to communicate in the harshest battlefield conditions enabling clear communication and the ability to secure and protect lines of communication.
The adoption of both devices demonstrates the growing partnership between Polish Armed Forces and WB Group in the on-going modernization of the Polish army. WB Group works on extensive projects with different branches of the Polish armed forces including in developing state of the art Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and fire and control systems. At the heart of all systems are effective communication between soldiers and also for data transmission. The adoption of the PERAD and COMP@N radios will bring a strong and effective communication backbone to future operations.

 Author: WB Group