WB Group Unveils FONET-NAVY: A Maritime Communication Revolution

 09. 11. 2023      Category: Naval forces

WB Group's Management Board unveiled its latest innovation: the maritime version of the FONET digital communication platform, aptly named FONET-NAVY.

Picture: WB Group Unveils FONET-NAVY: A Maritime Communication Revolution | WB Group
Picture: WB Group Unveils FONET-NAVY: A Maritime Communication Revolution | WB Group

Bridging the Communication Gap at Sea

The WB Group's new venture was initiated for an undisclosed foreign client, aiming to consolidate and integrate various ship communication systems into a singular network. The inspiration behind this was to create a universal ship communication network, leveraging the tried-and-tested solutions of the FONET digital communication platform. This platform has already seen widespread adoption, being implemented in 2,000 vehicles of the Polish Armed Forces and over 15,000 vehicles worldwide.

FONET-NAVY: A Deep Dive into Features

The maritime environment presents unique challenges, necessitating significant modifications to the original FONET platform. Ships have intricate communication systems, operate for extended durations, and face harsh conditions like saltwater exposure and extreme temperatures. Keeping these factors in mind, the FONET-NAVY was designed to be robust, ergonomic, and versatile.

The FONET-NAVY platform will facilitate ship voice communication, both internally and externally. It ensures seamless communication across various operator and combat positions, and even in conference mode, catering to the expansive crew structures on ships.

Furthermore, FONET-NAVY will serve as the primary communication network, offering access to radio communication. The system's flexibility allows the commander to communicate with the radio operator directly or through an intercom. When docked, the platform can connect to local telephone networks, enabling the crew to communicate externally.

An added feature is the integration of an alarm system, which can utilize sound signals and voice messages via the radio network. And for a touch of leisure, FONET-NAVY can also double up as an entertainment system, allowing crew members to connect their devices and play music.

Technical Specifications

At the heart of FONET-NAVY is the central unit, a specialized computer running on the Linux operating system. This unit integrates electronic equipment, ensures data transmission, and facilitates voice calls and alarm signals. The operator console, designed specifically for maritime conditions, comes with a reinforced housing, integrating a loudspeaker, microphone, and a display with a keyboard. The console ensures voice communication and digital data exchange both internally and externally.

One of the standout features is the system's modularity and scalability. If a larger network is needed, multiple central units can be connected in a star arrangement, reducing cabling and enhancing the network's flexibility.

A Seamless Transition from Land to Sea

The WB Group has emphasized the advantage of having all ship communications integrated into one network by a seasoned manufacturer. Moreover, the compatibility of FONET-NAVY with its land-based counterpart ensures that existing logistics centers can service it.

The maritime world got its first glimpse of FONET-NAVY at the WB Group's booth during the MSPO fair on September 5, 2023, in Kielce. As the boundaries between land and sea communication blur, the FONET-NAVY stands as a testament to the WB Group's commitment to innovation and excellence.