Author: Jan Zilvar

Colt CZ Group SE increased its revenues to CZK 14.9 billion in 2023

Colt CZ Group SE increased its revenues to CZK 14.9 billion in 2023

The Colt CZ Group's revenue in 2023 reached 14 855.6 million CZK. Sales in the armed forces segment in particular recorded a significant increase. The sales level was…

27. 03. 2024
Gen. Janusz Adamczak: NATO is stronger and more prepared than ever

Gen. Janusz Adamczak: NATO is stronger and more prepared than ever

NATO is today the only and longest lasting defence alliance, founded in 1949. This year the alliance, which has 32 member states, celebrates 75 years since its creation…

11. 03. 2024
NATO Days in Ostrava & Air Force Days

NATO Days in Ostrava & Air Force Days

This year's 23rd NATO Days in Ostrava & 14th Air Force Days of the Czech Army attracted approximately 185,000 visitors. The main theme of the event was modernisation…

01. 10. 2023