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The FrankenSAM Program: A Novel Approach in Air Defense on the Ukrainian Front

The FrankenSAM Program: A Novel Approach in Air Defense on the Ukrainian Front

As the harsh winter looms, Ukrainian defenders are increasingly emphasizing the importance of air defense. Recognizing the scarcity of such systems in the West, Ukraine…

11. 11. 2023
The French Rafale M Jet is the only non-US jet cleared to operate from the US carriers

The French Rafale M Jet is the only non-US jet cleared to operate from the US carriers

Dassault Aviation's Rafale is a multi-role fighter aircraft developed for the French Navy and Air Force. It entered service with the Navy in 2002. In addition to France…

02. 11. 2023
"The Future Air Force" conference highlighted the challenges in recruiting and training pilots

"The Future Air Force" conference highlighted the challenges in recruiting and training pilots

The International Conference "Future Air Force 2023", organized under the auspices of the Commander of the Czech Air Force, Major General Petr Čepelka, brought together representatives…

06. 10. 2023
Europeanisation of the F-35

Europeanisation of the F-35

Given the ever-increasing number of European states that have decided to switch to the fifth-generation F-35, it is appropriate to consider the possible "Europeanisation"…

18. 09. 2023
Unclear future of the F-16 in Ukraine. When will the fighters actually be deployed?

Unclear future of the F-16 in Ukraine. When will the fighters actually be deployed?

After months of tough negotiations, Kiev can look forward to a real milestone in the fight against the Russian aggressor: the fourth-generation F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jets. While…

12. 09. 2023
Air Force of the Czech Armed Forces is rearming with new American helicopters

Air Force of the Czech Armed Forces is rearming with new American helicopters

The official handover of the first delivered H-1 helicopters took place on 17 August at the 22nd Helicopter Air Base in Náměšt' nad Oslavou with the participation of the…

10. 09. 2023
Precision-guided missiles and their importance

Precision-guided missiles and their importance

An often overlooked aspect of the war in Ukraine is the use of long-range missiles. Russia uses these weapons primarily to strike critical infrastructure and ammunition and…

06. 09. 2023