Author: Otto Doka

Europe's collective efforts to fortify air defence amidst escalating tensions

Europe's collective efforts to fortify air defence amidst escalating tensions

In the midst of ongoing conflicts and escalating tensions in Europe, the imperative of robust air defence systems has become increasingly apparent. The protracted war in Ukraine…

06. 05. 2024
Tanks are, and will continue to be, an integral part of warfare

Tanks are, and will continue to be, an integral part of warfare

Tanks have been part of the debate among military experts and analysts for the past few decades. In professional discussions and communities, one can encounter the opinion that tanks are…

02. 04. 2024
Artillery ammunition remains Europe's Achilles heel

Artillery ammunition remains Europe's Achilles heel

The open war between Ukraine and Russia has been going on for more than two years. Since the invasion of Russian troops, Western countries have been trying to help Ukraine as much…

05. 03. 2024
U.S. Patriot systems in the Slovak Defence Ministry's spotlight

U.S. Patriot systems in the Slovak Defence Ministry's spotlight

Slovakia has for long been dealing with a lack of air defence capabilities. After donating its only S-300 PMU system and parts of 2K12 KUB sets to the Ukraine, allies have stepped…

12. 02. 2024
Israel in Gaza demonstrates the widespread use of drones on the modern battlefield

Israel in Gaza demonstrates the widespread use of drones on the modern battlefield

The popularity of drones and their contribution to the conduct of combat operations is steadily increasing. Increasingly, unmanned systems are becoming a key component…

26. 01. 2024
Israel's war with Hamas confirms that drones are playing an increasing role in combat operations

Israel's war with Hamas confirms that drones are playing an increasing role in combat operations

Unmanned aerial vehicles are an indispensable element on the modern battlefield, providing both surveillance and strike capability. These systems are playing an increasingly important…

13. 12. 2023
Slovakia starts the process of building modern air defence

Slovakia starts the process of building modern air defence

Air defence is one of the key topics intensively discussed in professional military circles today. In some countries, including Slovakia, this part of defence capabilities…

02. 09. 2023